How it works


Stage of learning:

Primary School, Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9), Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and 11) or College.

What your child is studying for?

Entry exams, Sats, GCSE exams, Further Maths or A Levels.

Ability needs:

Confident and needs a challenge, requires consistency as can make simple mistakes or lacks confidence in mathematics.

Suitable day and time:

What preference of day and time you have.

From your requirments we select the correct tutor to meet your needs.

We have tutors that are qualfiied to teach from Key Stage 2 all the way upto A Level Mathematics.

Our tutors have the experience and passion to improve the mathematics ability of the tutee’s they work with.

Simply provide us with an email address, then the introduction lesson details are sent to the email provided for the arranged date and time. Click the lesson link in the email and join the lesson call.

Once you have clicked the lesson link, ensure you use the following browsers for our online platform: The latest version of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. Allow permissions for microphone and video.

Please have a pen, calculator, and a book to work in, (we do recommend having one book to write down Mathematical examples for revision and another as a practice book to work in to answer questions).


Follow the instructions in your email to log on to the learning platform (Bitpaper).

Once you log on, simply click on the green ‘join call’ button in the top left hand corner and begin your session with your tutor.

Yes, we ensure that all our tutors are fully qualified to deliver sessions. Our tutors combined can deliver sessions from Key Stage 2 up to A Level.

So based on your child’s requirements we then select the correct tutor.

Yes, before any of our tutors deliver any sessions, we ensure that we have up to date DBS check records.

Along with background checks, we provide training for our tutors to ensure that delivery of sesions is to high standards.

If sessions are required during the holidays, then this can be arranged with your tutor.

We mainly  offer sessions that are one to one, however some students do prefer working in a small group or with a friend. Group sessions are avialable for up to three students, however we ask that students are working at the same level for the sessions to be effective.

We are confident our tutors can adapt to the learning needs of each individual student.

However, building teaching and learning  relationships is important so if your child does not connect with their tutor, we will work with you to pair your child with an alternative  tutor.